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What is SEO:

What is SEO? I like to answer that question with a saying, "the best place to hide a dead body is on page three of Google. Because no one ever looks there." Having a responsive website without performing SEO, is like having a gun with no bullets. It looks the part, but it can't properly do what it was intended to do. With SEO, I can put you ahead of your competitors and maximize your online visibility. With analytical tools, I can provide information on which SEO keywords are highly searched, most competitive, and have the best chance of you converting new prospective customers. This will increase the quality of web traffic to your site and establish your brand. With my SEO strategy, it's easy to earn trust, increase website ranking, google ranking, and stand out in 6 easy steps. This translates to free traffic and increased sales from prospective customers.

6 Easy Steps:

1)Audience Research

2)Keyword Research

3)Content Research

4)On-page SEO optimization

5)Crawl Friendliness

6)External Links

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Hazards of DIY SEO Services:

Do-It-Yourself website builders are not constructed with SEO in mind. You get no assurance that the website builder follows SEO guidelines that are implemented by Google and other search engines. SEO is not just targeting your ideal customers, it has a long reach in other aspects as well. Those include:

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Rankings

  • Integrated Digital Advertising

  • Public Relations and Press Release Creation

SEO by the Numbers:

Did you know almost 1/3 of all web traffic flows through search engines? The numbers on this are mind-boggling. With over 40,00 search queries every second and over 3.5 billion searches per day, you want to optimize and increase your Google ranking. In the past year, there were over 1.2 trillion searches on Google! If you have a business website and not applying the advantages of SEO, your potential customers are never going to find you organically. Increase those valuable opportunities to engage with potential customers, and don't lose out to your competitors. Some signs your website lacks SEO:

  • Little to no web traffic

  • Low sales

  • Potential customers who search for a service or product you offer won't find you

Top Rated Search Engine Optimization Provider in the Inland Empire:

In order for your website to successfully attract organic traffic, the correct set of keywords need to be applied. I analyze your industry or field and identify the strongest keywords. I will communicate with you when deciding what keywords are the most appropriate to use for your website. This will generate the most online traffic to your site and profit to your business. The SEO services I provide are:

  • Page Title Optimization

  • Meta Description

  • Optimization for H1 and H2 Heading tags

  • Google Analytics

  • Meta Keywords optimization

  • Creation and submission of HTML site map

  • All major search engine submission

  • Page Title Optimization

  • Article creation

  • Forum links

  • Press releases

  • Monthly link building

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